What’s all the noise behind that door?

Feb 14 , 2019

Christopher Anderson

What’s all the noise behind that door?

Hey Pachamigos,

If you have been in lately, you will have noticed a lot more going on at your favourite health food store and café. There are big plywood walls up everywhere, the shop is feeling a little squished…. aaaand there is just a little extra noise compared to usual.

After months of planning, our renovations are underway and are on schedule for completion in March. We are building a new cafe in the front of the space, new toilets, expanding our wellness centre, and upgrading our grocery store.

It’s a lot all at once and we really appreciate all the support from you, our loyal customers, as we go through this process to bring you a new and improved space & experience.

Rest assured, we have taken measures to ensure that everything we are selling and serving during our renovation is up to the same standard as usual. If you have any questions please get in touch at info@pachamamawholefoods.com.au

Thanks again for all your patience and for just being awesome, we do everything we do for you and love it!

Danielle – Waste Warrior
Christopher – Captain Planet.