Sustainable Xmas gift packs for your earth-loving loved one

Dec 05 , 2018

Christopher Anderson

Sustainable Xmas gift packs for your earth-loving loved one

The zero waste starter kit
Includes your basic essentials for going plastic-free: an Ever Eco metal straw, bamboo cutlery set and Go Bamboo toothbrush. Add a keep cup & tote bag and you’ll never need plastic again!

Zero waste kit for 2
The perfect gift for your parents or a pair of peeps who haven’t made the transition yet – includes an Ever Eco 2 pack bent metal straw, Natural Family Co 2 pack biodegradable toothbrush, and a Dindi Naturals beard soap OR shampoo tin.



That ‘special someone’
Inspired by that scene from Elf, we knew we had to
make a little something for that ‘special someone’ in
your life, featuring vegan condoms by Jonny, Dindi
massage oil (in calmflower or lemon ironbark) and our
very own epsom salt jars with 3 natural moods to choose
from. You’ll thank us for this one *insert winky face here*





The well-groomed male
For that guy in your life who is a little extra and only likes
the best for his beard. Includes the Dindi Naturals aftershave
oil, beard soap tin and your choice of Dr Bronners organic
shaving soap (available in peppermint, tea tree,
lemongrass-lime or unscented for sensitive skin).




Toxin-free beauty pack
This one was designed for anyone who wants to detoxify their life, starting from the outside in. Included is a Three Mamas natural deodorant (available in 4 scents + unscented), a Hurraw lip balm in any of our available flavours (yum) and a Dr Bronners castille soap bar.


New mum starter kit
This one is a bit more on the exxy side but we think
mums deserve the very best! This pack is great for any
new mum or mum-to-be, including the Dindi Naturals
pregnancy oil for soft skin, gluten-free lactation cookies
to help boobies do their thing and Dr Bronners
lavender natural hand sanitizer.





The #eco #instafoodie essentials
Perfect for your social media-obsessed buddy who
takes pictures of every meal and likes to make some
deluxe dishes too. This one will be #sustainable thanks
to the If You Care baking cups, #nutbutterobsessed
with our fresh house-made, insectiside-free almond
butter and #paleo thanks to Loving Earth’s delightful
coconut nectar… #notsponsored



Lastly, you can’t go wrong with chocolate…
Also available are $15 and $20 chocolate packs! Choose your own flavours, we’ll add a touch of pixie dust, some rustic string and you are ready to go with a last minute, gourmet, vegan, refined-sugar-free kris kringle gift.

$15 chocolate pack includes Chow Cacao, Pana & Loving Earth 30g
$20 chocolate pack includes Loving Earth 80g, Tonantzin & Chow Cacao