Surviving Lockdown 2.0

Jul 28 , 2020

Christopher Anderson

Surviving Lockdown 2.0

From the windows of our homes and the cosiness of our living rooms, we each face a different experience of lockdown 2.0. While the world outside bombards us with news and restrictions that change like the weather; life can start to feel a little fast and unstable. As a wholefoods centre, we have been doubling down on the importance of looking after ourselves and the community around us during the strange times we live in. And here’s how we’ve been doing it.

Along the way, we’ve found that simplifying things at home and slowing life down has been a huge remedy to the negative emotions that 2020 has thrown at us. The ancient Greek word petrichor describes the earthy scent that lingers in the air after it has rained. Focusing our attention on the simple everyday things, such as the taste of our morning coffee, the shapes of the clouds streaked across the sky, and the pattering sound of rain hitting the gravel are all powerful ways to slow down. When the world is moving in such bizarre ways, it’s the little things that bring momentary relief to our days of isolation.

As an ethical grocery store and sustainable cafe, we are working through the quietest time we’ve ever seen on Sydney Road. Relationships with our customers are more intimate and meaningful, as we sigh in relief at the opportunity to interact with someone besides our housemate or our cat. And we are incredibly grateful that our local community of healthy superhumans is there to support us through thick and thin!

The uncertainty we face presents us with mental health challenges, disrupts our work lives, places financial strain on our shoulders, and can also cause cabin fever. It’s never been a more important time to look after our well-being – keeping up our fluids, taking a stroll down Merri Creek, or nourishing our organs with health foods. We’re also giving our immune system a boost by consuming plenty of citrus fruit, ginger, garlic, spinach and broccoli.

Our locally sourced organic groceries and nourishing cafe foods can be safely purchased from a distance – either from our website, through Uber Eats, or picked up in store, 7 days a week. Until then, thank you for supporting local business.

Let’s take care of the planet and our health in the process ♥️

~ Sarah Allen ~