Reflections + What’s Next For Pachamama Wholefoods

Oct 07 , 2019

Christopher Anderson

Reflections + What’s Next For Pachamama Wholefoods

As we enjoy the gradual warmth of Spring, it’s a good time to reflect and set intentions for the Summer ahead. For Danielle and I, we have just passed the two year mark since taking over Pachamama Wholefoods. What a journey it’s been and it’s funny to reflect that something that was once a dream is now our reality.

It was Autumn 2017 and we were enjoying a dinner date at home. We were still discovering each other’s dreams for the future, being only months into our relationship. On this magical evening, we told each other about our dreams and what would truly make us most happy.

Danielle talked of owning her own ethical grocery store, with zero waste, locally sourced and sustainable products & produce of the highest quality. My dream was to open a 24hour organic café that fused healthy fast food with quality music and entertainment. We then spent hours chatting and writing notes on how these two business ideas could work. Little did we know that only months later we would start shopping at Pachamama Wholefoods and soon be on our way to making it our own.

Fast forward two years and we have grown a beautiful community of healthy earth conscious humans, all whilst planning and executing a huge renovation of the whole store. We are so grateful to be in the position we are but it’s now time to set some intentions for the year ahead. With the new and improved Pachamama’s Kitchen up and running, we are heading back to work on the grocery store.

So, where to for Pachamama Wholefoods? We would like to focus more on quality rather than quantity regarding our product range. Refining our range allows us to focus on more on our Core Principals with what products we choose to stock and support.

Here are the Pachamama Wholefoods 5 Core Principles:

INGREDIENTS: What’s in it?

- Ingredients primarily unprocessed, wholefoods and organic where possible

- No refined sugar or unnatural preservatives/thickeners

SOURCE: Where does it come from?

- Local produce/suppliers preferred

- Majority Australian ingredients

PACKAGING: What does it come wrapped in?

- Sustainable packaging ie. reusable or compostable

- Bulk where possible

ETHICS: Is the company ethical?

- Reputation, transparency & community engagement

- Not For Profit or Social Enterprises where possible

FOOTPRINT: What’s the product's impact?

- Sustainable production

- Life cycle analysis

These core principles represent our holistic approach to providing you with the highest quality grocery and produce items, whilst considering the environmental impact. We have already started this transition and it won’t happen overnight, it will take time for us to research and test new product lines whilst getting feedback from you our customers, on new items and suggestions you might have that fit our values.

Christopher aka. Christopher Planet