Pachamama ❤️❤️❤️’s The Fit Project

Aug 23 , 2018

Christopher Anderson

Pachamama ❤️❤️❤️’s The Fit Project

When you are trying to change the world, it helps to have friends. Roy from The Fit Project (TFP) is on a mission to help the humans of our community become happier and healthier. As we are on the same mission, this is something we can absolutely get behind.

Since beginning training with TFP a few months ago, we have come to know and love Roy and can see that the work he is doing is nothing but genuine and true to his purpose.

Get into the interview below to find out how.

Dan (Waste Warrior)
Chris (Captain Planet)


Roy, tell us what the FIT Project is and how does it differ from a typical ‘gym’?
The Fit Project is Brunswick’s premier functional training space. Our mission is to educate, empower and help our community grow while helping our members have a better day, everyday. We take a realistic approach to exercise; no fads, no gimmicks – just real results for real people. There are no treadmills, mirrors or Egos; just an awesome community of growth-minded and mindful humans. Our approach is grounded with knowledgeable and competent coaches in a non-judgmental and warm space. We take a holistic approach to training offering yoga and nutrition consults to round out our experience. We partner with local health care providers and awesome organic wholeoods grocery stores! (wink, wink)

So what inspired you to start the FIT Project and why did you chose to break away from the traditional gym model?
We were inspired to open the fit project for a number of professional and personal reasons. Traditional gym models simply do not work for their customers. They are set-up to make their franchisee money. Now there’s nothing wrong with businesses making money, but we believe in service. I believe that if traditional gyms WORKED our society would not be faced with increasing levels of chronic, preventable lifestyle disease. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, less than 10% of the adult population of Australia undertakes the minimum requirement of exercise recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Fitness has been commodified. There is a globo-gym or franchise affiliate on every other corner in every major city; but there are more unfit and unhealthy australians than ever – what’s wrong with this picture? If the traditional gym model worked, what we offer would not be needed. We are here to educate, empower and grow our members and the everyday Australian to have a better, healthier day.

As a high level personal trainer, what does the term ‘holistic lifestyle’ mean to you?
We like to talk about a perfect triangle – getting the right dose of:
Training (specific to your goals),
Recovery (days off / resting your body), and
Nutrition (are you getting the right combination of nutrients in your diet to support your WHOLE life – not just the gym).

Building off these core principles we start by looking at what you are doing outside training that may be impacting your health AND wellbeing goals; what’s your mindset like around your job? Are you constantly stressed or anxious? Are you a ‘busy’ person, or a ‘productive’ person? Are you happy? We speak a lot about breath work and balance when it comes to living an ideal lifestyle; taking part in living through yoga, meditation, hiking, face to face connection with other humans, reading and enjoyment in the little things. I can’t think of anything more holistic than that!

Pachamama Wholefoods and The FIT Project have started an amazing partnership, how important is the connection between fitness and organic food?
In a word: HUGE. Eating clean means eating organic. Food from the earth, seasonal, easily digestible food that’s free from pesticides is not only good for our fitness but also the planet. We see a big disconnect not only with people’s perception of fitness but also diet and this is something we are seeking to address not only with our partnership with Pachamama but also by educating the general public on eating organic food. Food nourishes us; it keeps us alive and our guts healthy. We are sick, (pun intended) of packaged, GMO, sugar-laden garbage that is pedalled as ‘fitness’ or ‘health’ food; but in reality is the opposite. We proscribe RAW eating – Relatively Alive and Well; and that’s organic.

What’s your long term goal for The FIT Project?
The long term goal for The Fit Project is to have a positive impact on over 500 everyday Australian’s by 2020. To achieve this we are going to take TFP from our purpose built site in Brunswick and plant a TFP Flag in every capital city in the country to help educate, empower and grow more everyday people to help them relearn, rediscover and reimagine their bodies and lives. The FIT Project wants to shake up an industry that has enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years, but we believe, has lost touch with the very people that it allegedly serves. We want that to stop; we want more everyday people to live a more meaningful and purposeful life through the vehicle of focused integrated training.