Building a Hemptastic Future

Aug 04 , 2018

Christopher Anderson

Building a Hemptastic Future

On Sunday, the 12th of November 2017 Australia finally recognised hemp as a legal consumable food. This has been a very long time coming.

Hemp products have already been sold (though not for consumption) in Australia for well over a decade in multiple forms such as skin care, clothing and accessories. Hemp labeled as “skin care products” were imported from international growers in Canada and China, with stickers covering the nutritional information and labelling them as not for consumption. Many amazing people have been working to change the illegal status of hemp for over a decade, and we are so happy that now this plant is legal.

For centuries this incredible plant has been used around the world. In today’s modern society, we have an abundance of information and scientific research about the amazing powers of hemp. It’s strange that a plant used through the ages of time has only now become legal for consumption.

Hemp is the only natural protein source with a complete amino acid profile and perfect omega 3:6 fatty acid balance. Furthermore it’s naturally organic requiring no pesticides for growth, minimal water usage, absorbs CO2 during growth AND is sustainable at a 4 month growth cycle. With all these amazing qualities, we feel now is the time to empower this magical plant once again.

Back to that beautiful Sunday in November of 2017, Here at Pachamama’s Kitchen we launched our newest smoothie creation: Bananas in Hempjamas, a beautiful combination of hemp seed protein, oil and bananas to invigorate your body and mind. We knew that by backing and promoting this food we were being true to our aim of empowering healthy humans, families, communities, and a healthy planet. We vowed from that day forth to be ambassadors and educators for hemp throughout Australia.

Part of this journey would involve an insightful field trip to one of the many hemp farms of our main supplier Australian Primary Hemp. With a convoy of ABC and Channel 9 reporters, we ventured to one of the many farms across the country that would make up a 700-hectare hemp seed harvest, the biggest in Australian history since its legalisation. What an honour it was to stand amongst the vast field of these sustainable plants, looking out over the millions of hemp seeds that were soon to be harvested, hulled, packaged and transported to the shelves of Pachamama Wholefoods and into our Bananas in Hempjamas smoothies.

The future of hemp is unimaginable at this point, we are still only at the beginning. But as we work towards a sustainable future you can be sure that this plant will be at the forefront of change, with the backing and support of Pachamama Wholefoods + Kitchen.

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If you would like to know more about hemp, join us for our Hemp, Hemp, Hooray event on the 9th of August, here at Pachamama Wholefoods! All details below at our event pages:

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